Maui population
Maui is an island that is located in the Maui Islands. It is the second largest of the Maui Islands and is spread over seven hundred and seven square miles. According to statistics it is the seventeenth largest island in the United States of America.

Maui falls under the jurisdiction of the state of Hawaii and is the largest of the islands in the Maui County. Jointly, the four islands are recognized as Maui Nui . In 2000, Maui had a populace of 117,644, the third-largest of the Maui Islands, following that of Oahu and Hawaii. Kahului is the biggest municipality on the island with a populace of twenty thousand one hundred and forty six. The isle has experienced fast residents increase in current years with Kihei one of the largest part quickly emergent towns in the United States. The enlargement is happening because a lot of people, having visited Maui, come to a decision to go or retreat to the land mass. Population enlargement is producing sprains, together with increasing traffic overcrowding on many of the chief road and rail network. There is apprehension about the ease of use of reasonably priced accommodation and right to use to water. Land prices have risen to levels such that families on standard incomes have a very difficult time in find a home for themselves of finding a rented out accommodation. People who develop property and infrastructure do not have enough authoritarian or monetary motivation to construct less costly homes. The Maui County Council is constantly looking for a way to solve this crisis as it is become a problem and growing at a very fast pace. In Maui the population is around one hundred and thirty eight thousand three hundred and forty seven and that was in two thousand and four. In Maui the population consisted of the following. Around sixty one percent of the populace was unmixed and around thirty four percent were whites and a little over ten percent were Japanese.