About Maui
The location of Maui is in the center of the islands of the state of Hawaii, which is one of the states of the United States of America. The island of Maui has the status of being ranked second among all the islands of the state of Hawaii with respect to size. One name which is used to refer to Maui is the Valley Isle.

The reason for this name is that there is a volcano on the island of Maui. This volcano, which is known as Haleakala, is dormant, and has a height of ten thousand and twenty four feet. This volcano has the status of being ranked first among all the volcanoes of the state of Hawaii with respect to size, and among all the volcanoes it is also the most singled out. There are a lot of signs of prosperity and progress in the future on the island of Maui. There are a number of industries here which are growing, and these include sugar, cattle, tourism, and pineapple. The production of one pound of sugar which has been refined needs around one ton of water. There was a time when the cultivation of sugar on the island needed around eighty percent of the total water supply of the island. But there are solutions being searched to solve this problem, so that the beauty and the richness of the island of Maui can be maintained, and the development of the island does not stop, but instead gets better.

The tourism industry of the island of Maui is having a boom. Besides the major tourism industry, the climate of Maui is very favorable, and so are the abundant grounds. These allow a number of agricultural products to be grown on the island without any problems. Because of the fact that the soils of Maui are so fertile, a wide variety of organic products can be grown here, and these include papaya, onions, sweet potatoes, cut flowers, and strawberries.